Seeking asylum in Sweden

If you meet the border police when entering Sweden, inform them that you want to apply for asylum. There are border police for example at the passport control point in international airports, at ferry terminals and where trains and buses enter Sweden.

The border police will ask you some questions and will then refer you to the Swedish Migration Agency, where you will hand in your asylum application.

If you are already in Sweden and would like to apply for asylum, you should visit one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s application units in Gothenburg, Malmo or Stockholm to submit your application. You can find the visiting addresses and opening hours here:

➡️ Visit us – Swedish Migration Agency (

Asylum Procedure

The asylum procedure starts by submitting a written asylum application. At this point, you will be asked to provide personal details such as your name, citizenship and family. You have to submit your passport or other ID documents to show who you are. The Swedish Migration Agency will photograph you and take your fingerprints. The fingerprints are used to see if you have applied for asylum in another EU country. With the assistance of an interpreter, you will also be expected to explain the reasons for which you have left your home country and wish to seek asylum in Sweden.

You will also get further information about the asylum procedure and next steps.

The Swedish Migration Agency will assess if you have the right to a lawyer, who will help you during the asylum procedure.  

The asylum interview is the second phase, during which you explain your reasons for seeking asylum in more detail to a representative of the Swedish Migration Agency. It is important to give a full account of what has happened to you and what you fear if you are returned to your country of origin. After the interview, you will go through the protocol from the interview with your legal representative. Thereafter, he or she will submit a statement to the Swedish Migration Agency.

The Swedish Migration Agency will then issue a decision in your case. The decision is based on the documents you have handed in, the information you provided during the asylum interview, information provided by your legal representative and information about your home country that is known to the Swedish Migration Agency.

After the decision has been issued, you will meet with a representative of the Swedish Migration Agency who will inform if your application was approved or rejected. The representative of the Swedish Migration Agency will explain the decision to you orally with the assistance of an interpreter. The representative will also explain what happens next.


If your application is rejected, you have the right to submit an appeal to the Migration Court. Your legal representative will help you with the appeal.

If the decision is again negative, you can appeal to the Migration Court of Appeal. Your legal representative will assist you with the appeal.

In order for the Migration Court of Appeal to assess the case, they have to grant leave to try the case. There is no right to have your case assessed by the Migration Court of Appeal.  

Until there is a final decision made by the Swedish authorities you are entitled to stay in Sweden with the status of asylum-seeker.

If your appeal is unsuccessful at all stages, you will have to leave Sweden.

For more information regarding the asylum procedure, please visit the website of the Swedish Migration Agency:

Asylum – from application to decision – Swedish Migration Agency (

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