Other ways of moving to another country

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Complementary pathways are avenues for refugees to lawfully stay in a third country where their international protection needs are met. Refugees who are given legal access to a third country can gradually attain a more sustainable permanent status. Below are some types of complementary pathways:

Private sponsorship

In some third countries a group of individuals or organizations can help sponsor refugees to travel to that country legally. An example of this option is Canada’s long-established private sponsorship programme.

Requirements for these options vary from country to country. You can find more information on sponsorship programme at: https://refugeesponsorship.org/.

You should find the sponsors by yourself and UNHCR is not able to help.

After your sponsors submit the application for you to the third country, the information exchange will be between you or your sponsors and the third country directly, not through UNHCR. 

Family reunification

The countries listed below offer family reunification opportunities for refugees. If you have a relative in any of these countries and you would like to understand how they can assist you in joining them through a family reunification programme, click on the respective country name for more information:

Employment opportunities: Talent Beyond Boundaries

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) is a non-profit organization that connects refugees with international employment opportunities so that they may work in countries where they can access full rights and stability. They are committed to opening labour mobility pathways for refugees and other displaced people. TBB does not work on refugee resettlement.

Visit the Talent Beyond Boundaries website for more information.

Education opportunities

UNHCR’s Scholarships Opportunities platform helps you to find accredited higher education academic or scholarship programmes verified by UNHCR to allow you to pursue advanced study, skills and professional development worldwide.

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