Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel within China by using UNHCR certificate?

Foreigners in China are required to use passports as ID documents when purchasing travel tickets.

If you do not have a passport and want to buy a ticket using a UNHCR certificate, please consult the train station or airline company on whether they can accept your UNHCR certificate for booking tickets.

Can I visit other countries?

You may check with the embassy or consulate of that country in China or with their immigration department whether you need a visa to enter their country. To leave China, you need to withdraw your case from UNHCR first so that you can apply for exit permit from your local immigration office.

You will no longer be under the protection of UNHCR after your case is closed. Note that once you have left China, you cannot use UNHCR certificate to enter China.

Can I buy medical insurance?

Holding a valid visa is one of the prerequisites for foreigners to buy insurance in China. You may consult the insurance companies if you are eligible to purchase insurance based on your own situation.

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