To study in China, you should hold a valid student visa.

➡️If you wish to apply for a student visa, you should consult your local immigration office.
➡️If you do not have a student visa but wish to study, you may consider signing up for Coursera for Refugees and start learning skills and gaining certificates online.

For queries regarding education for children aged 6-14, please write to 📧 [email protected].

What is Coursera for Refugees?

Coursera, a global partner of UNHCR, is the largest open online education provider, who provides more than 1800 open online classes and specializations (packaged series of courses) from 160+ top universities, in topics ranging from computer science and data science to business and psychology.

Coursera for Refugees aims to provide transformative learning experiences for refugees in need.

By signing up through UNHCR, you will have free access to Coursera courses and earn certificates for free.

Visit the Coursera website to check out their course catalogue.

Note that online degrees are not included in this programme.

How do I sign up to Coursera?

Write to 📧 [email protected] if you want to sign up for the programme and you are:

  • A refugee living in China holding a valid UNHCR-issued refugee ID card.
  • Eager and committed to learning
  • Over 13 years old
  • Willing to share feedback with Coursera and UNHCR on content and your learning experiences

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