Rights & Duties

Refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in China are permitted to stay in China. As a refugee or an asylum-seeker, you should:

  • Comply with all Chinese laws and respect local traditions, customs, and culture.
  • Register with the local police station as required by Chinese Exit and Entry Administration Law.
  • Renew your UNHCR certificate on time.
  • Keep UNHCR updated on your contact information including phone number, email address and residential address in China.
  • Provide UNHCR with truthful and complete information. Committing any fraud while accessing UNHCR’s services will have negative consequences on processing your case and/or your eligibility for services.

If you violate any law or regulation in China, you will be held legally accountable according to relevant laws. UNHCR is not in a position to intervene with domestic law enforcement authorities. 

➡️ Please visit the website of the National Immigration Administration for details on domestic laws and legislation.

➡️ Please click here to find useful information on Chinese culture and basic Chinese phrases

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