Registering with UNHCR

The first step of the asylum process is registration. In this process, UNHCR records and verifies your information.

How do I register with UNHCR?

To apply for registration, please write to [email protected] informing UNHCR about your desire to apply for asylum and include the following:

  1. A copy of your valid Police Registration Form (or “Registration Form of Temporary Residence” 临时住宿登记表) from the local police station in the area of your residence in China.
  2. A copy of your passport pages showing (1) your identity, (2) visa for China and (3) the date of your entry into China.
  3. Your basic biodata, including your full name, nationality, passport number, phone number, date of arrival in China, address in China (preferably in Chinese), preferred language for interview.
  4. The reasons why you left your home country and why you are afraid to return.

Once you have submitted your request, we will review your documents and contact you via email, informing you about the next steps.

All requests will be processed, but due to the high number of submissions, UNHCR will not be able to respond immediately. We kindly ask you to be patient and wait for us to contact you. If you have already sent an email to seek asylum, please do not send it repeatedly.



As per the Chinese Exit and Entry Administration Law, all foreigners should obtain the police registration form (or “Registration Form of Temporary Residence” 临时住宿登记表) from the local police within 24 hours of moving to a new location of residence (including short stays).

UNHCR will inform you of the appointment for your registration interview after your Police Registration Form is confirmed valid. This process usually takes up to 4 weeks.

I do not speak English. Can I get an interpreter for my registration interview?

Yes. Please inform the Office of your preferred language and we will make the arrangement.

How is the registration interview conducted?

The registration interview will take place in-person in the UNHCR office in Beijing. On the day of the registration interview, you should bring along your passport and any other documents that prove your identity. You will also need to present your valid local police registration form (临时住宿登记表) and any other documents that can prove your current address.

If you fail to present the required documents or further questions are raised upon reviewing your documents, your registration may be put on hold.

In addition, if you fail to arrive on time, your interview might need to be rescheduled. If you don’t show up on the registration date, you will not be given another registration appointment but instead you will have to go over the procedure from the first stage of initial contact with UNHCR.

How can I update my information after registration?

If you have changed your contact information such as phone number, email address, or place of residence or if there is any change of personal circumstances including family composition, please inform UNHCR via email immediately, indicating your UNHCR case number and name in the email subject.

Do I receive a UNHCR Certificate?

Individuals registered with UNHCR will be provided with a UNHCR certificate. The certificate recognizes that the holder is under UNHCR’s protection. It is not a travel document or visa.

With a valid UNHCR asylum-seeker or refugee certificate, you are protected against deportation to your home country.

To renew your UNHCR certificate, you need to submit your request to [email protected]. UNHCR staff will guide you on the renewal procedure.

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