Ukraine Situation

How can I regularize my stay in Belgium?

Registration for temporary protection takes place at 40 Place Victor Horta, 1060 Brussels.

Please consult the following governmental website for further detailed information: Registration Centre | IBZ

How can I secure accommodation?

The Belgian authorities recommend that you stay with family or friends in Belgium where possible. If this is not an option, the authorities can guide you to housing offered by the various municipalities in Belgium. Fedasil can offer emergency reception for 1 or 2 nights. Please approach: the new registration center at 40 Place Victor Horta, 1060 Brussels .

Please see for further information the following website of the Belgian authorities: I need a place to stay – Ukraine (

Further information on accommodation and reception can be found here: General services and helpdesks – UNHCR Belgium

Can UNHCR help me or my relatives travel to the USA, or any other country?

UNHCR cannot support persons in travel outside Belgium. For visa and/or residence applications, please approach the embassies of the respective countries.

How can I support a Ukrainian refugee with accommodation?

Former State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, Mr. Mahdi, has launched the campaign #FreeSpot. If you have a place to temporarily house a Ukrainian refugee, you can inform your municipality.

See also: #FreeSpot – Ukraine (

Where can I make donations/ how can I provide financial support?

  1. Contact your municipality to see whether there are any collection events being organized;
  2. Donate to UNHCR for families in need of assistance:

See also: I want to help – Ukraine (

If you are a refugee from Ukraine or know anyone who has crossed the border and is seeking help, please check the UNHCR help sites below: