Health care

As an applicant for international protection, you are entitled to health care both during as well as after your international protection procedure, regardless of the outcome of your procedure. The degree of health care provision will however be different depending on your legal status.

During the international protection procedure

The provision of health care is dependent on the type of accommodation (collective reception centre, local reception initiative (LOI), private accommodation) you are residing in. It will either be Fedasil or your local OCMW/CPAS that will be responsible for the provision and payment of your health care. More information can be found here.

After the international protection procedure

If you have been recognized as refugee, you will need to become a member of a Belgian health insurance organization. More information on the Belgian health care system can be found here.

If your application for international protection has been rejected, the reception center will be responsible for the provision and payment of health care as long as you are entitled to reception. When you are no longer entitled to reception, you are still entitled to urgent medical assistance, paid by your local OCMW/CPAS.

A number of organizations also provide free medical assistance. For example, Medibus, a service run by Medecins Du Monde (Doctors of the World) offers free medical assistance in Brussels, Charleroi and Colfontaine. More information on medical assistance from Medecins Du Monde can be found here.

More information on free medical assistance in general can be found here.

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