Return assistance

If you wish to leave Belgium to return to your country of origin, you can ask for assistance. This assistance is available to all migrants, regardless of their legal status in Belgium, and at every moment (even during a procedure). 

If you wish to return to your country and you are accommodated in a reception centre, you can ask your social worker for advice. If you are no longer entitled to reception, you can contact Fedasil, the government agency responsible for voluntary return, which organizes and finances your return journey, and examines if you can get additional support. You can also contact Caritas International or the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) or one of the return desks and return partners.

You can find more information on this website in English, Albanian, Chinese, Fula, Serbian, Tigrinya, French, Amharic, Farsi, Lingala, Spanish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Arabic, Pashto, Mongolian and Russian. You can also call the (free) number 0800 32 745.

Depending on your country of destination, the trip will be organized by bus or airplane. At the moment of departure, an IOM worker will hand you your bus or train ticket and accompany you to customs. Another person will wait for you at your destination. You will be given a plastic bag of the IOM so that you can easily be recognized on arrival.

You will not have to pay travel expenses. The bus or plane tickets will be paid for you. For some countries, a return allowance may be given in addition.

You can also receive assistance for your reintegration in your country of origin. This will depend on your destination country and on your situation in Belgium before your departure. Fedasil will examine with you which kind of aid is available. This aid is never given in the form of money (cash) and aims at helping you to start a shop, to pay medical fees, to find a job or professional training, etc.

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