Financial assistance

During the international protection procedure

As an applicant for international protection, you are entitled to basic assistance during the entire period that your application is being examined. This assistance primarily consists of food and accommodation, sanitary facilities and clothes (zie Reception/Accommodation).

If you are staying in a collective reception center, it is the center who is responsible to provide you all the basic needs (a bed, meals, sanitary facilities and medical care) as well as some pocket money. Applicants residing in individual housing receive the same services as in the collective centers (with the exception that they are mostly responsible themselves for their own cooking) and receive a weekly allowance to be used for food and sanitary facilities. 

After the international protection procedure

Once you have been recognized as a refugee, it is the OCMW/CPAS of the municipality in which you reside that can provide financial assistance when needed.

Financial problems

UNHCR in Belgium is not able to provide social nor financial assistance. If you are facing financial problems, we suggest you contact one of these organizations or a (pro deo) lawyer who can inform you about your rights and options.

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