Information for people from Ukraine

If you are coming from Ukraine, you may be eligible for Temporary Protection. Click here for more information on Temporary Protection and how to apply (in Ukrainian language). 

If you do not have a place to stay in Slovenia, the Government Office for Support and Integration of Migrants may provide you with accommodation. Click here for more information on this (Ukrainian language).

If you are not residing in one of the government run accommodation centers and do not have financial means to support yourself, you may be eligible for the government financial aid and/or a rent subsidy. For more information on how to apply and other types of government support, please click here (Ukrainian language).

The primary government body responsible for providing support and protection to people coming from Ukraine is the Government Office of Support and Integration of Migrants (English language). You can contact them via the links below:

Call center for information and support for people coming from Ukraine

If you wish to return to Ukraine voluntarily, you need to withdraw your Temporary Protection status and inform the relevant Administrative Unit that issued you the status. If you were receiving any financial aid and/or rent subsidy, you need to inform the Government Office of Support and Integration of Migrants. More information on the voluntary return to Ukraine as a Temporary Protection holder can be found here (Slovenian language). For information on voluntary return, if you are an asylum seeker, a refugee, a migrant or your asylum application was rejected, please visit our Voluntary Return page (English language).

Where to get help?

You can find the contact details of the organizations supporting people arriving from Ukraine below. 

Legal information ⬇

Non-governmental organization PIC – Legal centre for the protection of human rights and the environment can provide you with free legal information about the temporary protection and asylum in Slovenia and help you file the temporary protection or other applications.  They can also consult you on issues related to integration, such as education, employment, healthcare, family reunification, etc.

Psycho-social support ⬇

You can receive free psycho-social support from the following organizations specialized to provide support to asylum seekers and refugees:

 Emma Institute – Center for Victims of Violence can assist you, if you think you might be a victim of Gender Based Violence (GBV), or if you would like to receive Mental Health or Psychosocial Support (MHPSS).

Slovene Philanthropy can assist you with orientation information, with finding accommodation and support with integration.

SOS Helpline for women and children survivors of violence runs a shelter for women and children, victims of violence, a hotline, and self-help groups for women experiencing violence:

DNK – Association for nonviolent communication provides programs for people experiencing violence, as well as for perpetrators of violence:


If you live outside Ljubljana, we suggest you to contact your local Center for Social Work. They will refer you to a local organization providing psycho-social or other support.
You can find the list of all Centers for Social Work here (Slovenian language).

Support on trafficking in human beings ⬇

Caritas Slovenia offers crisis accommodation and safe accommodation to victims of trafficking in human beings.

Društvo Ključ – Center for fight against Trafficking in Human Beings if you think you might be a victim of trafficking, Društvo Ključ can provide accommodation, psychosocial counselling and  reintegration:

Slovene Philanthropy provides information and counselling on risks of trafficking in human beings to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

More detailed information with helpful links can be found on the government website in English or Slovenian.

Integration support ⬇

If you have questions regarding employment, education, healthcare, finding accommodation or access to services, as well as other integration issues, you can turn to Slovenska Filantropija – Association for Promotion of Volunteering.

Other organizations, like Slovenian Red Cross or Caritas Slovenia, might be able to help with integration issues in your region.

Slovenian Red Cross

Caritas Slovenia


Emergency and other helpful services ⬇

  • You can call the Police by dialing 113.
  • To contact the Medical Emergency services in Slovenia – dial 112.
  • To contact the Fire Department in Slovenia – dial 112.
  • To report a missing child dial the European telephone number for reporting missing children: 116 000.

If you need support related to you employment status or need legal advice related to your employment contract, you can reach out to

Delavska svetovalnica – Counselling Office for Workers

If you are experiencing human rights violations or discrimination, you can seek help with

Amnesty International Slovenia

If you are struggling financially could benefit from a humanitarian donation, you can approach Slovenian Red Cross and Slovenian Karitas. SRC also helps with issues of family reunification, while Caritas offers crisis accommodation and safe accommodation to victims of trafficking in human beings.

Slovenian Red Cross

Caritas Slovenia

If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, asexual or questioning your sexual or gender identity, you can reach out to Legebitra

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