Birth Registration for refugees

If you are a recognized refugee and your child is born in Slovenia, the child will be registered automatically and free of charge. A state registrar visits the hospital and carries out the procedure. The parents are given a copy of the birth certificate and the child is granted the same residence permit with the same validity as parents. You can find information on registering the birth of your child on the government website (Slovenian and English language).

You can also turn to PIC, who can provide free legal information on birth registration for refugees

PIC – Legal centre for the protection of human rights and the environment

  • Address: Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Tel: +386 1 521 18 88 or +386 51 681 181 or +386 069 707 150
  • Website: (Slovenian language)
  • Email: [email protected]

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