Citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia

Persons with a refugee status may apply for the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia after five years of residence in Slovenia if they also fulfil other conditions prescribed by the Citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia Act:

  • you are at least 18 years of age;
  • you have a guaranteed permanent source of income at least equal to the amount that ensures material and social security (in practice, you have to be employed or have regular income for 2 years continuously);
  • you passed a basic level exam in Slovene language or completed education at a primary level;
  • you were not sentenced to an unconditional prison sentence longer than three months, nor conditionally sentenced to prison sentence with probation longer than one year;
  • your residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia has not been annulled;
  • you do not represent a threat to the public order, security or defence of the State;
  • you settled all your tax obligations;
  • you submit a declaration that, by obtaining the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia, you agree to respect the legal system of the Republic of Slovenia.

Newborns are granted the citizenship of Slovenia if at least one of the parents has Slovenian citizenship.

The application for citizenship is submitted at the administrative unit. You can find a list of all administrative units in Slovenia on the following website Administrative units | GOV.SI (English language).

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