➡ Community activities 

➡ Leisure activities 

➡ Language courses 

➡ Information provision 

➡ Job counselling 

  • Bratislava, Community Centre, Lazaretská 32
    • Community activities, including “language café”, basketball for children, brunches, community dinners, national dinners, celebrations of international holidays, film screenings, camps for children, workshops, or Mareena festival 
    • Volunteering & Information provision 
    • Support to local municipalities and civic actors 
    • Slovak language courses for beginners or intermediate
  • Bratislava, Job counselling at Assistance Centre, Bottova 7
    • Job search assistance
    • Advice and support in orientation on the labour market
    • Assistance with writing a CV and/or cover letter
    • Preparation for job interviews
    • Developing a career plan
    • Providing information on retraining and language courses, community events, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Banská Bystrica
  • Trenčín
  • 💬 Languages: Ukrainian; Russian; English; Slovak