Rights and obligations

Rights of asylum seekers

Your rights and obligations are outlined in the Federal Law “On Refugees” and include the right to a professional interpreter and emergency medical assistance. While your Asylum-seeker Certificate of Consideration on Merits (refugee status) is valid, you have the right to obligatory medical insurance (OMI), which entitles you to free medical services in outpatient clinics at your place of residence. To obtain an OMI certificate, you will need to apply to one of the insurance companies working with the obligatory medical insurance system.

Also, if you are in a particularly vulnerable situation while applying for refugee status, you may request to be accommodated in the Temporary Accommodation Center (TAC), under the jurisdiction of  the  MOI Main Directorate.

All children have the right to public school education regardless of their legal status in Russia.

Your main responsibility is to abide by the laws, rules, and regulations of the Russian Federation. More  detailed information is  available  on the MOI website https://mvd.ru. You may also consult with the MOI Migration Directorate staff at one of the territorial branches, or through their free hotline “102.”

Rights and obligations of persons who obtained refugee status or temporary asylum

Your rights and responsibilities are detailed in the Federal law “On Refugees.” It is important for you to know that you have the right to free medical assistance, at your place of residence. For this, you must go to a medical insurance company and receive a certificate of mandatory medical insurance (OMI).

You also have the right to work without obtaining a work permit.

Upon request, particularly vulnerable individuals may be accommodated in the Temporary Accommodation Center (TAC) at the discretion of MOI Main Directorate.

All children have the right to public school education regardless of their legal status in Russia.

Refugee status holders have the right to apply for RF citizenship one year after the date of recognition. Temporary asylum holders may apply for temporary residence permit, which has a longer validity period.

You must obey Russian laws and have to register with the MOI territorial body at your place of residence and comply with all the conditions of migration registration. Failure to comply with migration regime may lead to administrative sanctions (e.g. fines).

You can receive more detailed information by consulting the territorial branch of the migration department of MOI in person or through their official website.

What should you do if you are stopped or detained by the police?

If you are detained or stopped by the police, do not sign any documents unless you understand their content.

Paying a fine on the spot is considered a bribe and may be grounds for criminal charges for both sides!

Ask the police officer to introduce themselves, state their title and show their ID. If possible, write down the name, rank, and the police number of his police precinct. Administrative detention should not exceed 3 hours; however, it may be extended up to 48 hours, if necessary, to check documents, determine identity or verify circumstances of the offense.

You should confirm that the summary of charges contains detailed information about the police precinct, the police officer handling your case and details of the offense, in case you want to appeal.

You have the right to a lawyer and an interpreter. Also, you have the right not to sign the charging document or other procedural documents made in disregard of your requests for an interpreter and a lawyer.

In cases of police abuse or other unlawful actions of law enforcement agents, you should report to the nearest police station or call the hotline 102.

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