Appealing refugee status rejection

If you were denied consideration on the merits, or your application for refugee status or TA was rejected, you will be notified about the decision. You also have the right to receive a detailed written explanation of the reasons for rejection, which you can use to appeal to the higher administrative body – the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs of the MOI (GUVM MOI of Russia) – or to the court. The appeal must be submitted within one month of the receipt of the rejection notice.

Asylum-Seeker Certificate of Consideration on the Merits and Temporary Asylum-seeker Certificate may be extended during the period of appeal. To extend these documents, you must present proof that your appeal was submitted. If you miss the deadline for appeal, your presence in Russia will be considered illegal, and you may be fined, detained or deported/expelled.

If at any stage of the appeal process a decision is made in your favour, your case will be returned to the territorial Migration Department of the MOI for reconsideration.