Amayesh 16 Registration

Amayesh 16 registration is currently underway, until 21 September 2021. However, the new cards being issued by BAFIA to refugees contain new and different codes as compared to previous years. UNHCR highly recommends that you make a copy, scan or take a photo of the Amayesh 15 card of all your family members, before approaching the nearest Kefalat centres to renew your cards. This will ensure that UNHCR can continue to quickly identify your case files in the UNHCR internal database, when you approach us for counselling or support.

UNHCR encourages refugees to renew their Amayesh cards in a timely manner. Individuals who do not renew their cards risk becoming undocumented and may no longer be eligible to continue receiving support and services from the Government of Iran. Undocumented individuals also run the risk of being asked to leave Iran.

For more information, you can contact your nearest BAFIA office or Kefalat centre (click here) . You can also contact UNHCR via our hotlines or by email at [email protected] for additional information or advice.