Are you a new arrival from Afghanistan?

Please note that UNHCR Iran does not conduct registration, decide whether someone is a refugee or issue documentation – this is the responsibility of the Government of Iran.

Please note that UNHCR Iran does NOT accept applications for resettlement.

Please remember that UNHCR does NOT make referrals to the programmes recently announced by different countries to relocate or evacuate Afghan nationals. If you have been given this information, it is incorrect. All information and applications for these relocation or evacuation programmes must be done directly with the relevant embassies through their contact details and procedures.

The Government of Iran, through the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrant Affairs (BAFIA), is responsible for registering asylum-seekers and determining refugee status. Procedures for new arrivals are still being determined by the Government of Iran.

If you are newly arrived in Iran, you may wish to approach your local BAFIA office for further information.

Please visit our Latest News page for updated information as it becomes available.

What should I do if I have just arrived in Iran and want to ask to stay here?

The Government of Iran, through the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrant Affairs (BAFIA), is responsible for the registration of asylum-seekers and for deciding whether they are recognized as refugees. UNHCR does not make any decisions on this.

Please visit this page or the Latest News page for updated information as it becomes available.


I have heard about a special program to help Afghans who worked with Americans travel to the US. Can UNHCR Iran help me access this program?

Several countries have announced opportunities for Afghan nationals who have worked or been affiliated with their governments, military, NGOs, or media.

If you are looking for information about these announcements and programmes offering opportunities for Afghan nationals to be relocated to said third countries, please visit the official sites of these governments. You can find the links to them here.  Remember to always check official sites and sources of information and beware of rumours and attempts at extortion.

Please note that UNHCR does not work on these programs and is unable to refer people to them.


Can I be resettled to a different country?

You may have seen information about resettlement opportunities for Afghan refugees. At the moment, UNHCR’s top priority is to provide immediate assistance to people who have just arrived in Iran. UNHCR is not currently working on the resettlement of recently arrived Afghans.

More information can be found on the Resettlement and Other Options page.


Will I be able to ask for resettlement later?

Resettlement opportunities remain extremely limited and depend on the number of places that countries give to UNHCR. Even if some people are in need of resettlement in the future, the possibilities for this will be limited by many things, including the number of people needing this, the number of places available in resettlement countries, selection criteria predefined by the country accepting refugees, and many others. When more information becomes available, it will be shared here and on the Latest News page.


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