Birth Registration

It is important to register your child at birth. This will give your child better rights and access to services; it prevents statelessness and can provide more safety and security for your child when growing up. Access to for example, education, jobs, opening of a bank account, obtaining a passport or buying a property all require a birth certificate first in order to obtain the necessary documentation.

Steps in the birth registration process for children of foreign nationals 

  1. After delivery at a Health Care Facility or Hospital, ensure that the health facility/hospital provides you with a Delivery Note (Birth Notification)
  2. If you are documented (daraye madarek eqamati motabar), approach BAFIA with the delivery note to obtain a Birth Certificate for your newborn
  3. If you are undocumented (faqed madrak), the birth event will be registered at the hospital. Health Centers and hospitals are obliged to provide delivery notes also for children born to undocumented parents. However, in practice you might only be able to acquire the delivery note and birth certificate after having obtained valid residency documents. If you encounter problems obtaining a delivery note or birth certificate for your children born in Iran, you may approach a UHL for legal counselling and advice (see below)        
  4. For home deliveries, in addition to the above, two witnesses need to certify the birth event before the competent authority (city council or governorate of your place of residence)

NB! All Health Centers and/or hospitals are obliged to provide a delivery note.