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For the attention of all “Refugees and Asylum seekers”
As the government has announced the initiative to renew the documentation of refugees and asylum seekers with a new modality namely Unified Smart ID Card, UNHCR highly recommends that you make a copy, scan, or take a photo of your current document (Amayesh/Hoviat card, Passport, Headcount/ Recount papers, etc.) of all your family members before approaching for issuance of your new documents to ensure identifying your case files in databases when you approach organizations for counseling or any other support.
For more information or advice, you can contact UNHCR via our hotlines or by email at: [email protected].

All UNHCR services are free of charge. Beware of fraudsters providing fake identity cards or any other official documents in exchange for money. Such documents are illegal. Do not pay for them! Please regularly check the UNHCR Help website , the UNHCR Help Fraud page and our Latest News webpage for up to date and reliable information and announcements on documentation, availability and access to services and more! Do not hesitate to reach out to us through our UNHCR Iran Protection Mailbox or through our  UNHCR Iran Protection Hotlines for more information.

Welcome to the Iran ‘HELP’ website page of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, created to provide useful information on key topics for refugees, asylum-seekers and other foreign nationals displaced from their country of origin and residing in the Islamic Republic of Iran.   

If you are seeking information from UNHCR in countries outside Iran, you can find this on the “HELP” pages of those countries including, Australia, Canada, Turkey, the United States, and others.  

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