All Afghan children of school age are allowed to attend primary and secondary school and study the national curriculum regardless of their documentation status. Please find the 2021 announcement on school enrolment here.

UNHCR Iran works with the Literacy Movement Organization (LMO), which is affiliated with the Ministry of Education, to provide literacy and numeracy courses to over-aged and out-of-school refugee children and adults, enabling them to eventually re-join formal education. For more information, please contact the BAFIA or UNHCR office closest to you.

Additionally, UNHCR, through its national NGO partner Pars Development Actors (PDA), provides the opportunity for refugee students to apply for the  Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund (DAFI) scholarship to support their tertiary education. The scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses for undergraduate studies. Please find the latest announcement on the DAFI scholarship programme here.

For DAFI and other scholarship opportunities for refugees, more information may be found on this site: