Fraud and Corruption

What is fraud?

Fraud is any act where someone tricks and misleads another person to obtain an undeserved personal benefit, such as money.

Who are fraudsters?

Fraudsters are people who deceive other individuals, mostly for money.

Fraudsters may attempt to deceive you claiming they can help you to receive UNHCR protection services including resettlement, fake documentation, fake refugee claims or financial or other kinds of assistance, in exchange for money or other favours.

They can attempt to defraud you through websites, emails, phone calls, in person approaches or via social media including WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

They may pretend to be working for or have linkages with UNHCR.

To persuade and deceive you, they may show you fake information such as forged UNHCR ID cards or documents. Do not believe them!

People who tell you such lies are seeking to take an advantage of your situation. Avoid them at all costs.

Be alert and do not get defrauded.

Are UNHCR services free?

All UNHCR services, including resettlement, assistance and other services are always free of charge. 

This includes access to our offices, interviews, as well as access to all assistance and services provided by UNHCR.

Do not trust anyone or any organization asking you to pay for the services of UNHCR or its partners.

If anyone asks you for ANY money or favors, including of sexual nature, by claiming they represent UNHCR or its partners, do not believe them.  

If in doubt, please consult UNHCR’s help page and/or the Instagram account, or contact us directly for valid information about UNHCR Iran’s work and services.

Remember, UNHCR services are always free of charge!

Fraud by refugees

You have committed fraud if:

  • You give false information to UNHCR about any aspect of your background, identity (i.e. name, place of birth, country of origin, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc.) and refugee claim (why/how you have left your country of origin);
  • You use a false identity;
  • You provide false information about your family relationships;
  • You offer money for any protection services or assistance by UNHCR, including resettlement

A refugee who commits fraud will jeopardize support received from UNHCR, such as protection services, assistance or resettlement.

How do I report about fraud and fraudsters?

You should report fraudulent acts and/or fraudsters to the nearest police station or to UNHCR immediately.

Please provide all facts and evidence known to you.

To reach UNHCR: 

  • You can call UNHCR hotline 
  • You can e-mail us at: [email protected]
  • You can use a Complaint Box available at the gate of all UNHCR reception centers
  • You can deliver a Letter to UNHCR by hand or mail at: UNHCR Iran (Protection Section)– No. 3, East Emdad Street, Shiraz Ave., Vanak, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

UNHCR takes all complaints seriously and follows up on each individually.

You may report anonymously without giving personal details.  Provide all facts and evidence available to you.

Remember all communication with UNHCR is confidential!

What if UNHCR or its partner staff commits fraud or corruption? How do I complain?

If you have information about UNHCR staff, or staff of UNHCR partners or contractors being involved in fraud, corruption, exploitation or abuse (including of sexual nature), report it immediately and directly to:

UNHCR Inspector-General’s Office (IGO) at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Provide all facts and evidence available to you.

Remember all communication with UNHCR’s IGO is kept confidential. You may remain anonymous and not reveal your personal information in your complaint.

UNHCR takes all complaints seriously and follows up on each individually.

Remember all communication with UNHCR is kept confidential!

What is Corruption?

It is offering, giving, receiving or soliciting (directly or indirectly) anything of value to influence improperly the actions of another party

What is Sexual Exploitation?

It is any actual or attempted abuse of any position of vulnerability, for sexual purposes. Sexual exploitation and abuse are unacceptable and prohibited behaviour for all United Nations and NGO partner staff.

How can I receive feedback from UNHCR or partners about my complaint?

If you provided us your name and contact number, UNHCR will get back to you after assessing your complaint.

Where can I find more information about UNHCR?

UNHCR Iran Help Site

UNHCR Iran General Information Website

UNHCR Iran Instagram Account