Resettlement is a life-changing and unique opportunity for refugees. Therefore, it is understandable for UNHCR that refugees would like to know more about the resettlement process. To avoid relying on fake news and rumors, UNHCR would like to share with you the following explanations regarding the resettlement to third countries.

Resettlement is not a right. Contrary to some UNHCR services, Resettlement is not an application-based process and recognition of refugee status does not necessarily mean that a refugee will be referred for resettlement. Resettlement is a tool for refugees with the most severe vulnerabilities and protection needs.

There are few countries that offer limited resettlement places to UNHCR and it is these countries who decide about the selection criteria, including which profiles of refugees and from which countries they would like to resettle to their country. Few refugees meet the strict criteria for submission to resettlement countries – worldwide, less than one percent of refugees are resettled each year.[1] UNHCR only facilitates the process of submission and departure of resettled individuals but does not accept applications for resettlement.

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You may contact your local UNHCR office to raise your protection concerns and receive advice on the available services and support offered by UNHCR.

Please note that all UNHCR services are free of charge and anyone offering or requesting payment for resettlement or any other services, is committing fraud. Do not make any payment in exchange for UNHCR services and immediately report the issue to UNHCR.

You can report fraud and/or any complaints and feedback via one of the methods mentioned below:

  • Contacting the UNHCR by phone or email 
  • Dropping a note in one of the complaint boxes placed in front of UNHCR reception centers

You can also report misconduct by UNHCR personnel, partner staff or vendors/contractors, including fraud, directly to Inspector General’s Office at UNHCR Headquarters at this email address: [email protected].

Please do not consider fake news for resettlement on social media and for any updates please only refer to the official UNHCR Iran Help website.