Registration & Documentation

The Government of Iran, through the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrant Affairs (BAFIA), is responsible for the registration of asylum-seekers and refugees as well as for Refugee Status Determination in Iran. If you are newly arrived in Iran, you may wish to approach your local BAFIA office for further information. 

For more information on BAFIA offices please refer to:

Tel: (021) 88 79 68 64 & (021) 88 77 92 06,


If you do not have Tazkerah and/or valid passport, you may consider approaching the Afghan Embassy in Tehran or Consulate in Mashhad for counselling and support in obtaining identity documents. 

For more information on the Afghanistan embassy and consulate please refer to:

Afghan Embassy in Tehran:

Tel: (021) 88 75 30 89


Afghan Consulate in Mashhad:

Tel: (+98) (511) 854 4829

(+98) (511) 859 7552

Email: [email protected]