Social support and documentation

If you are fleeing from Ukraine as a result of the war, the content on this page does not apply to you. Please refer to the below pages for more information:
▸ UNHCR Help Hungary welcome page
▸ Information for New Arrivals from Ukraine
▸ Temporary Protection
▸ Are you under 18 years old?
Information for parents and families on enrollment in kindergarten and school for the academic year 2022/2023

Social support

If you have refugee or subsidiary protection status you have the same rights as Hungarian citizens and you are entitled to mainstream social benefits and assistance Hungarian citizens in similar situation have.  

Please check the following opportunities depending on your needs to get help with finances for specific issues:  

Family allowance  

Family allowance – családi pótlék(Hungarian name) is a monthly allowance that is granted after each child from birth up until they are 20 years old and still attend school/higher education (or 23 years old in case of children with special needs). This is a universal allowance, meaning that you will receive it regardless of your financial or economic situation.  

Please see more information about it in Hungarian on this site.  

Regular Child Protection Benefit – Rendszeres Gyermekvédelmi Kedvezmény (Hungarian name) is a form of in-kind and financial social support for families with children in need, consisting of free school / school holiday meals, and twice a year financial support.  

Please see more information about it in Hungarian on this site.  

Support for mothers – Anyasági támogatás (Hungarian name): a one-time financial support after each childbirth (including still birth) regardless of one’s financial situation.  

Please see more information about it in Hungarian on this site.  

Childcare support allowance/Childcare benefit – Gyermekgondozást segítő ellátás /GyED (Hungarian names): a monthly allowance and benefit after each child up until 2 years of age (in case of twins its 3 years) / until 3 years of age (in case of twins until they go to school) based on certain pre-conditions.  

Please see more information about it in Hungarian on this and this sites.  

Jobseeker benefit – Álláskeresési járadék (Hungarian name): a monthly benefit for jobseekers for up to 90 days with certain conditions.  

Please see more information about it in Hungarian on this site.  

Other types of assistance  

There are some forms of non-financial (in-kind) social assistance (food, school meals, materials) that can be usually requested from the municipalities, where your permanent address is registered, such as exemption from paying for prescribed medication (free or cheaper medication), free or discounted institutional child meals and free holiday meals for children, and one-time in-kind child protection support (support for textbooks and educational materials, takeover of tuition fee etc.)  

For assistance with the above social support opportunities, please turn to:  

  • Menedék Association’s at their site in English or 
  • Kalunba Charity by emailing at [email protected]


If you need personal ID documents, address card or travel document, you can request them at the “Government windows” = Government Customer Services (Kormányablakok in Hungarian). 

A list and a map of Government Customer Services is accessible in Hungarian at this site.   

List and a map of Government Customer Services in Budapest is available in Hungarian at this site.