Temporary Protection

Temporary Protection Status gives you certain rights and obligations. The status gives you residency rights; access to housing; social welfare assistance; medical care; legal guardianship and safe care for unaccompanied children under 18; access to education for children under 18 and access to jobs (with some restrictions). TP will last until 4 March 2023 but may be extended. A Temporary Residence Certificate (ideiglenes tartózkodásra jogosító igazolást) lets you stay legally for 30 days in Hungary and may give you access to some assistance, but it DOES NOT give you the same rights as TP.

You can watch our explanatory video about Temporary Protection in English (below), Ukrainian, Hungarian and Russian. You can also consult the Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s FAQs on Temporary Protection.

All Ukrainian Citizens and people who were living in Ukraine as recognized refugees and their family members can apply for this status at the Asylum Authority (NDGAP) offices around the country. You can find more information about NDGAP: in Hungarian, in Ukrainian and in English.  

If you are not a Ukrainian citizen or you were not a recognized refugee in Ukraine, or their family member, or for general legal aid with regard to the temporary protection, please seek legal advice from the Hungarian Helsinki Committee at this email address: [email protected] or at Facebook: facebook.com/helsinkibizottsag.

You can submit your application at the following addresses.

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