Using a Technical ID to access healthcare

Who is able to issue the Technical ID?

Special provisions on access of persons fleeing from Ukraine to health services are regulated in Government Decree no. 171/2022. (IV. 29.) on certain data protection issues related the provision of healthcare services in connection with the crisis in Ukraine.

In the Hungarian healthcare system as well as in the Hungarian National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT), the Hungarian social security number (TAJ number) is the primary identifier. Hence, the first obligation of a healthcare provider is to check if the patient has a TAJ number. In case the patient declares that they are a person fleeing from Ukraine, and without a TAJ number, the healthcare provider uses EESZT to generate a technical ID. The technical ID is therefore generated by the EESZT infrastructure, accessed by the healthcare provider.

The healthcare provider also records in the EESZT the following in connection with the technical ID:

  1. a) the fact that the patient is fleeing,
  2. b) the document ID, type (eg. ID no. of application for humanitarian permit, permit to stay)
  3. c) the natural identification data of the patient.

According to Section 2 (6) of the decree, EESZT is an authentic, official registry of the fact that the patient is fleeing from Ukraine (point a) above).

As a result, there is no need for the government offices to issue such a technical ID. The person fleeing from Ukraine receives the technical ID from the healthcare provider it first encounters.

More detailed information to healthcare provider in Hungarian you can find in this sample letter:

Mintalevél az Ukrajnából menekülők térítésmentes, illetve támogatott egészségügyi ellátásának előmozdítása érdekében (

Are healthcare providers obliged to issue a Technical ID?

As outlined above, in case the patient declares that they are a person fleeing from Ukraine, and without a TAJ number, the healthcare provider is obliged to generate a technical ID using EESZT.

The healthcare provider is also obliged to issue a document certifying the technical ID. Patients are advised to carry this document with them and use the same technical ID in case of any future healthcare service used.

On this webpage you, as healthcare service provider can find detailed steps of how to create Technical ID: Tudnivalók az Ukrajnából menekülők adatainak rögzítéséről – ESZFK

Here you can find the manual in Hungarian: Házi Gyermekorvosok Egyesülete – A gyermekekért, a gyermekorvosokért! (


What are the benefits of holding a Technical ID for a Temporary Protection Status holder?

From the perspective of EESZT, the technical ID the technical ID is designed to ensure to persons fleeing from Ukraine high level healthcare services similarly to Hungarian citizens, with certain inevitable technical constraints.

Using this technical ID, when the patient receives healthcare service at another healthcare provider, this healthcare provider can access their data regarding prior healthcare received (and recorded to the same technical ID). Also, this later healthcare provider will record data and documents to this technical ID (instead of TAJ in case of Hungarian citizens), to ensure access for later doctors and healthcare.

In case the person had received healthcare prior to issuing the technical ID, any data recorded earlier in the EESZT (to a different identifier) is linked to the technical ID so that healthcare providers can also access these data.

Furthermore, the technical ID and the related EESZT service was designed to be able to manage typical status and other changes.

  • In case the person receives a new ID document (eg. as a result of a new status provided in the authority procedure), the EESZT registry is amended and the technical ID remains the same.
  • In case the person obtains a TAJ number, earlier healthcare received is linked to the new TAJ to ensure access to such data for future healthcare.

Furthermore, the (document certifying the) technical ID is also an official certification that the person is fleeing from Ukraine. This authorizes the person fleeing to healthcare and other services, as regulated and amended from time to time by the legislator.

If a TP holder with a client gate account has a Technical ID, can s/he see EESZT Public Site?

EESZT’s Citizen Portal uses Government e-Identification and TAJ number to identify users. As a result, only persons with TAJ numbers access medical data via the Citizen Portal.

Persons without a TAJ number can access information stored in the EESZT at the government offices.