Your life online, far away from home

You're at a new location, far from the familiar comforts of your home. Everything around you – the language, the people, even the layout of the streets – is different. It's a challenging transition, and in this journey of adapting to a new life, the internet becomes more than just a tool; it's a bridge to the familiar, and a guide to the unfamiliar world. Whether it's staying in touch with family, finding essential services, or keeping up with news from back home, the online world is at your fingertips to assist.

The internet, although a powerful resource, also opens doors to risks and challenges you might not have faced before. In times of crisis, it becomes awash with misinformation and false promises, and discerning what’s real and what’s fake becomes increasingly difficult. While juggling the concerns of your family's well-being, finding a place to live, and securing financial stability, your attention might stretch thin, and you can easily miss the red flags that normally signal the danger.

This puts you into a uniquely vulnerable position, where those with harmful intentions see your vulnerability as an opportunity for exploitation. For them, the internet offers quick access to you, a platform where they can get your money, personal information, or lure you into unsafe situations. These situations can seriously risk your safety, your privacy, and your peace of mind.

Our guide acknowledges the unique challenges you face and has been tailored accordingly for you. It's a comprehensive resource, offering practical advice, simple tips, and essential safety measures for your daily digital interactions. You'll learn how to identify trustworthy sources of information, safeguard your personal data, and protect yourself from online scams and exploitation.


Green means good to go

Strive for safe online practices by following the tips in the green boxes.


Red means danger

Recognise online threats by spotting the warning signs in the red boxes.

Understanding the risks and learning to protect yourself online isn't something that happens overnight. It's a journey, learning to question and to verify everything you see. You'll learn which offers to pass by, which conversations to leave, and when to seek help. Furthermore, the digital world changes all the time. You might find areas to explore, but also new dangers to watch out for. Staying safe means staying informed and seek help when you need it.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!