If you have applied for or have been granted temporary protection status, or you have refugee or subsidiary protection status, you have the same right as Hungarians when it comes to work (except for jobs in the public sector and jobs requiring Hungarian citizenship). It is important that you do not need a work permit.  

If you need advice on how and where to search for jobs, write applications, CVs and motivational letters, and if you seek counselling on labour rights and laws, employment- and unemployment-related issues and actors, please turn to the following organizations.

Menedék Association

Menedék Association launched a SAFEmployment Hungary Project to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine and who work in Hungary. Workers with a refugee or migrant background are particularly exposed to the dangers of exploitative employment, as they only have limited information about local conditions, they struggle with language barriers, and their legal and financial situation may be uncertain.

In the framework of the project, Menedék seeks to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine and who work in Hungary. They wish to do so in two ways:

  1. With a broad, four-language information campaign (in Hungarian, English, Ukrainian, Russian), Menedék wants to convey the most important information about the rights they have as employees, as well as how to recognize exploitation.
  2. For those who become victims of exploitation or are exposed to it, Menedék provides complex help through the work of our qualified social workers.

In addition to employees, Menedék also places special emphasis on employers through workshops, where they can gain knowledge on how to employ workers from abroad efficiently and without exploitation.

A part of the project is the introduction of a toll-free number where victims of labour exploitation can contact Menedék and ask for help: +36 20 273 32 80

In cooperation with Menedék, IKEA is implementing a three-year project in Hungary to support those with international protection and helps refugees find employment.

Please find more information on Menedék’s site in English or send an email to: [email protected].

Next Step Association

Next Step Association provides free and low-cost training in skills that help people increase their employment options and find more professional success. Please find more information on their website in English. For full information on current and upcoming courses, please contact them at this email address: [email protected].

Kalunba Charity

Kalunba Charity is helping those in need, wherever they are along their educational journey, to receive Hungarian language lessons, further their education, and gain job training in order to be empowered in the job market. Please find more information on their Facebook page or contact them at: [email protected].

Job search

Please find below Hungarian job search websites.

Kindly note that UNHCR is not responsible for the content, validity and safety of the job postings on these websites, therefore always take precautions when responding to calls for applications and entering into employment. If in doubt, please contact us (Refugee Helpline, toll-free: +3680284583; email: [email protected]) or Menedék Association (contact details above).

Profession: Employment of citizens who arrived from Ukraine, Work for Ukrainians
Jobline: Work for Ukrainians