Reporting Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

All Humanitarian assistance is free!

Sexual exploitation and abuse are unacceptable behaviours and prohibited for all United Nations and NGO partners’ staff members. Your report will be treated with discretion and be kept strictly confidential.

Anyone working in a humanitarian operation is prohibited from:

  • Asking for any kind of favours, including sexual favours, in exchange for services or assistance
  • Engaging in sexual relationships with people they aim to assist
  • All sexual activity with children (anyone under 18 years old)

This includes UN staff, government staff, civil society partners, and Non-Governmental Organisations.

If you witness or experience any inappropriate behaviour by humanitarian workers:

  • You can report to any humanitarian organisation you feel safe to do so
  • You can safely report to any UNHCR personnel in your location or email UNHCR’s Inspector:

[email protected]

UNHCR can provide further support. Click here for more information on help and support available.

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