Legal Assistance

ATTENTION! The following information is meant for people who are registered with Thailand UNHCR and have a valid UNHCR card:

Sample of UNHCR Thailand Card

UNHCR provides limited support on legal matters. However, several legal assistance organizations work with refugees and asylum seekers in Thailand.

What legal support does UNHCR provide in Thailand? ⬇️

UNHCR provides assistance and advice related to legal matters in some limited situations:

Can a legal assistance organization help me with the refugee status determination (RSD) process and other UNHCR issues? ⬇️

UNHCR works closely with several legal aid organizations physically present in the country of asylum, which provide legal representation to applicants undergoing UNHCR’s refugee status determination (RSD) procedures. In addition, these organizations can provide applicants with relevant advice, attend refugee status determination interviews with applicants, and assist in presenting information relevant to a case.

If you would like legal advice, UNHCR suggests you contact one of the local legal aid organizations working with UNHCR Thailand, such as Asylum Access Thailand (AAT) or the Center for Asylum Protection (CAP), which provide free legal advice and services to asylum-seekers and refugees on the RSD process, including appeals.

ATTENTION! The  NGOs below are organizations separate from UNHCR. Please note they will not be able to help everyone and it will be up to them to decide if they can help you.  Please get in touch with them for more information.

What if I need legal advice on something not related to UNHCR? ⬇️

Private lawyers may be able to help you, depending on the issue.  However, UNHCR is not able to support legal costs.


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