ATTENTION! The following information is meant for people who are registered with Thailand UNHCR and have a valid UNHCR card:

Sample of UNHCR Thailand Card

In Thailand, all school-aged children (starting at six (6) years old) can access formal public education.

UNHCR, through our partner BRC provides counselling on education, helps students enrol in Thai public schools and offers educational support, including financial assistance, for asylum-seeker and refugee children to attend accredited schools.  

Speaking the Thai language is a requirement to enrol in Thai public schools. BRC offers an 8-month intensive preparatory program to support children’s school access.  

BRC also offers Thai language classes for adults

➡️ Contact BRC Education Unit for more information.

What kind of education support is there for children? ⬇️

BRC Education Unit provides counselling and information on education programs available to refugee and asylum-seeker children.

All registered refugees and asylum-seekers aged 5 – 17 years studying in the BRC Intensive Preparatory program or attending an accredited school are eligible for education support through BRC Education Unit.  Education support includes:

  • Travel allowance for children (daily for Thai intensive preparatory program and monthly for students in Thai public schools) and parents of children aged 5-10 (only for the intensive preparatory programme). The amount depends on the distance between home and school
  • Uniform allowance
  • Financial support for school activities and materials

You can register your children in private schools, but the tuition fees may be higher and not fully covered by the BRC study support. In this case, you must cover the remaining amount by yourself or from a scholarship.

Please note:

  • It is strongly recommended that families do not approach Thai schools on their own. If you do, it can make it more difficult for BRC Education Unit to support and advocate for individual students. Instead, please contact BRC Education Unit for information on how to enrol in Thai school.
  • Children who are unprepared and not yet proficient in the Thai language often have problems in school and stop attending classes. Please contact BRC for guidance to help make sure that your child is prepared to start in a Thai school.
  •  Please discuss with the BRC Education Officer before taking your child out of school for any reason, including relocation, transfer to a new school, resettlement, etc., so they can counsel you on available options and possible consequences.


➡️ Contact BRC Education Unit for more information.

How can my child enrol in Thai public school if they don’t speak Thai? ⬇️

UNHCR provides an intensive 8-month preparatory program for children between 5 and 17 years old with the assistance of the Bangkok Refugee Centre (BRC). This supports children’s readiness and integration into the Thai school system.

During this course, English, Maths, Thai, Cultural Studies, Science, Computer (for higher level) and some physical activity and art classes are taught as well.

This course is reserved for children asylum-seekers and refugees between 5 and 17 years old who have never attended accredited private or public schools in Thailand.

Once your child has completed the course successfully, you will be given a certificate of completion and grade report, and BRC will counsel and assist you on the Thai school admission process.

You can apply for this intensive preparatory program via BRC Line official account. Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please contact BRC Education Unit for the most up-to-date information on schedule and other supports.

Are there education programs for adults? ⬇️

Language Courses:

UNHCR offers Adult Education classes to those between 18 and 45 years old with the assistance of the Bangkok Refugee Centre (BRC). The purpose of this programme is to equip adult refugees and asylum seekers with basic Thai language skills to communicate in their daily life or find employment opportunities to sustain themselves and their families.

  • The course lasts 3 months and is 4 times a week.
    • Online 3 days per week
    • In-person once a week at the Good Shepherd School (GSS).
  • Internet allowance and travel allowance for the day when onsite participation is required will be provided.
  • Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please apply through the BRC Education Line account and contact BRC Education Unit for the most up-to-date information on schedule and other supports.

JRS also runs several courses for adults on a range of topics.  Contact JRS  for more information on available courses and how to enrol.

There are many online learning resources that adults may be interested in.  To learn more, see online and distance learning below.

University studies:

➡️ For information on programs and support for university-level studies, see Are there Scholarships available for Refugees?

Are there online and distance learning materials I can use? ⬇️

It is very important for children to attend an accredited school to develop both academic and social skills and have certificates/degrees to continue their education.   If you need help or information to enrol your child in school in Thailand, please contact BRC Education Unit. 

When children cannot attend school, we recommend that parents help develop a study plan for their child.

➡️ You can visit UNESCO’s website to find online education materials for children and adults looking for resources to continue their education.  You can find programs in English and other languages.

➡️ Coursera is an online learning platform that offers free university-level classes for persons registered with UNHCR Thailand.  Coursera has thousands of courses on a wide range of topics and languages.  For more information, please check Coursera online,  Coursera online, and if you want to sign up through UNHCR for free classes, please contact BRC Education Unit.

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