In Italy, you are allowed to work 60 days after making your asylum application. You can then register with the local public Employment Centre (“Centro per l’Impiego”) as seeking employment. When registering at the Employment Centre, ask to sign the “Dichiarazione di Immediata Disponibilità” (DID), that means you are immediately available to work. You have the right to work during the whole asylum procedure. Once you have been granted refugee status or subsidiary protection you will receive a residence permit. With this permit you have the right to work in Italy without restrictions. 

The Employment Centers can support you in your search for employment. Please note however that finding a job in Italy can be very difficult and most jobs require you to have a good level of Italian. To learn Italian, you can enroll for free in a public adult learning center (“CPIA”); you will find a CPIA in every Italian town, that includes language and social integration courses for foreigners (Italian L2) and programs aimed at acquiring a lower secondary school diploma. 

If you live in a reception centre, ask the staff for further information on available vocational training and mentoring opportunities. You may also contact the toll-free number for asylum-seekers and refugees (800 905 570) or consult the JUMA MAP – Services for refugees

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