Help from violence

In Italy, there are many organizations which assist and help asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in general.  

Based on the categories below, you will be able to find the organization best suited to help you. Please keep in mind that some organizations are active at national level, while others only operate at regional or local level.  

Please also note that the list of organizations mentioned is not exhaustive.

Please note that you can also find information on JUMA MAP, a map of services available for free.  

What is gender-based violence? 

Gender-based violence (GBV) is violence committed against a person because of his or her sex or gender. It is forcing another person to do something against his or her will through violence, coercion, threats, deception, cultural expectations, or economic means. Although the majority of survivors of GBV are girls and women, LGBTIQ+ persons, boys and men can also be targeted through GBV. GBV can also take place online and through social media. 

All forms of sexual and gender-based violence violate fundamental human rights and are punishable under the Italian Penal Code. 

How to seek help in Italy

If you (or someone close to you) have experienced an unwanted activity directed against you, based on your sex, gender or gender identity, there are organisations and services that can offer help. In Italy anyone can ask for help- regardless of citizenship, (immigration) status, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, relationship status or religion. 

Experiencing gender-based violence is never your fault! 

If you experienced, you are experiencing, or fear you may experience gender-based violence, call the national helpline 📞 1522. The service is free, anonymous, and active 24H. 

Moreover, the Ministry of Equal Opportunities provides an updated map of all the available antiviolence shelters.

Donne in Rete

Donne in Rete (Di.Re.) contro la violenza is is the largest network of antiviolence centers in Italy with 82 associations, more than 100 Antiviolence centers and over 500 safe houses; in their website you may find the shelter that is closest to you.  Their programme “Leaving Violence. Living Safe” Project directly supports refugees and asylum seekers.  

Differenza Donna

Differenza Donna is an association, based in Rome (Lazio), within the Di.Re. network and supports GBV survivors through: 

  1. Legal support    
  2. Help desks in several hospitals in Rome  
  3. Antiviolence centers  
  4. Map of available services and information in 9 languages on Female Genital Mutilation  

Mondo Donna

Mondo Donna is an association, based in Emilia Romagna, supporting women survivors of gender-based violence, hosting migrant women and families, supporting people with vulnerabilities through: 

  1. residential centers 
  2. socio-economic and job placement inclusion and integration 
  3. home care services for children and youth under 18 

Mangiagalli Clinic

The Mangiagalli Clinic in Milan offers assistance services for sexual and domestic violence – (Servizio Soccorso Sessuale e Domestica –SVSED), providing health, psychological and social services to GBV survivors 

Sant’Anna Hospital

Sant’Anna Hospital, Città della Salute e della Scienza in Turin, offers medical, psychological and social services to women survivors of GBV and torture (Centro Soccorso Violenza Sessuale

Trafficking and exploitation

If you experienced or you are experiencing a situation of trafficking or exploitation you can receive support! 

Call 800290290 or +39 3427754946 from Lyca Mobile 

The service is free, anonymous, active 24H, and available in English, Spanish, Albanian, Romanian, Russian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Nigerian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, and Arabic. They will provide help and support in accessing local assistance services. 

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