You came to Italy from Ukraine and applied for a residence permit for temporary protection?

Through this platform you can apply for a subsistence contribution for yourself, for your children, and for the minors you have legal guardianship of, if you have an independent accommodation or are hosted by relatives, friends or host families.

For shelters or temporary housing contact the toll-free number for asylum-seekers and refugees (800 905 570) or consult the JUMA MAP – Services for refugees

The number of available social or public houses in Italy is very limited, so private rentals are very often the only way to find a home. For further details and support you can read the Guide to housing autonomy for beneficiaries of international protection in Italy, edited by UNHCR and partners.  

If you are accommodated in a reception centre, you can ask staff for more information, otherwise you can call the toll-free number for asylum-seekers and refugees (800 905 570), consult the JUMA MAP, or the Municipality you reside in. 

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