As an asylum seeker or a beneficiary of international protection, can I get married?

Yes, you can get married! 

What papers are needed to get married?

A declaration of single status (the Nulla Osta) from the authorities in your country of origin stating that according to its laws there is no bar to marriage must be submitted to the local Registrar.

Important: If you can’t or don’t want to contact the authorities from your country, you can ask the Registrar of the municipality where you reside to publish the wedding bans after having submitted the original copy of an affidavit (atto notorio, or atto notarile) signed less than six months ago.

You can obtain the affidavit by:

  • Going to the local court and, in the presence of two witnesses, declaring under your own responsibility that you are unmarried.
  • Going to a notary with two people (defined as ‘attestati’) who will have to declare that you meet the requirements to get married.

What papers do I need if I am refugee?

As of 12 January 2022, refugees recognized in Italy in accordance with the Geneva Convention of 28 July 1951, may request the banns of matrimony to the Civil State Officer of the Municipality where they have the residence, or where they need to get married, with a self-declaration affidavit ex DPR no. 445/2000 (dichiarazione sostitutiva), validated by the Civil State Officer, stating that they are free to marry/have not been married. The self-declaration can be made by filling in the form available at the Municipality.

The Nulla Osta for marriage that was previously issued by UNHCR is no longer necessary to get married. UNHCR will therefore stop issuing the Nulla Osta on 1 April 2022.

What if I am an asylum seeker or I hold subsidiary or other forms of protection?

As mentioned above, if you cannot turn to the authorities of your country of origin, we suggest obtaining the affidavit (atto notorio or atto notarile) and requesting the banns of matrimony to the Civil State Officer of the Municipality, presenting both the affidavit (within 6 months from its issuance) and a written statement explaining the reasons why you are not in the position to submit the authorization from your country of origin.

The Registrar has refused to publish the bans, what can I do?

If the Registrar has rejected your request in writing, you can appeal to the Courts, petitioning a judge to certify that there is no bar to marriage, and therefore instruct the Registrar to proceed with the publication of the wedding bans.

The appeal must be presented with the assistance of a lawyer.

If you need assistance during the procedure, or in submitting or following up on your appeal, please contact our partner ARCI at the Helpline for refugees +39 800 905 570 or +39 3511376335 for Lycamobile users/Whatsapp, e-mail [email protected].

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