Labour Mobility


Labour mobility opportunities, also known as employment pathways, are safe and regulated avenues that allow qualified refugees to move to another country to work.  The third country will provide temporary or permanent residence to refugees (and often their immediate family members) who accept jobs in those countries. Through labor mobility, employers are able to find qualified applicants to fill vacant positions and refugees are able to apply their skills and experience to become economically independent and to realize a solution.  

Individuals living all over the world are applying for these jobs.  As a result, they are highly competitive.  Refugees who seek to gain education, skills, and experience while in Indonesia will be able to strengthen their profiles and will have a better chance to become successful candidates. 

Two organizations – Talent Beyond Boundaries and TalentLift (Canada) – provide opportunities for refugees to create online work experience profiles and apply for jobs in third countries.  

UNHCR partners with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to improve opportunities for refugees in Indonesia to access labor mobility programs.  If you would like to obtain more information, please contact CRS: 

Additional information on these programs is available in the links below: 

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) 

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) is a non-profit organization committed to opening labour mobility pathways for refugees and other displaced people. TBB connects refugees with international employment opportunities so that they may work in countries where they can access opportunities, protection, and stability.  

TBB’s Talent Catalog was created to allow refugees to share your profile and to learn of current job opportunities.  You can access the catalog and additional information on the TBB program here.  

Registration is free and TBB does not charge any fees for their services. 


TalentLift is a non-profit international recruitment agency that assists Canadian employers to hire displaced talent. Individuals living outside Canada, including refugees or those in refugee-like situations, can register on the TalentLift talent platform to join a pool of candidates seeking international employment and skilled visas to Canada. By creating a profile, candidates can showcase their skills and interests, upload or build a CV, express interest in job opportunities, access upskilling programs, and chat with the TalentLift team.  

Registration is free and TalentLift does not charge any fees for their services. 

Who is eligible? If you are living outside Canada and you’re living as a refugee or in a refugee-like situation where you are displaced from your home country and unable to return because you would face danger there, we invite you to register your skills and talents with us. 

Registration on the talent platform is simple and free. Candidates can create a profile in minutes and return anytime to update it. TalentLift does not charge candidates any fees for service. 

On the talent platform, candidates can:  

  • Register a profile to be visible to Canadian employers seeking international talent. 
  • Upload a CV or create one using our CV builder. 
  • Express interest in open job opportunities. 
  • Access upskilling opportunities such as English language courses. 
  • Chat with the TalentLift team about any questions. 

Join the TalentLift talent platform:  

Learn more about TalentLift support in frequently asked questions: