The Danish Refugee Council

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is an international NGO which is working in Bosnia and Herzegovina to support vulnerable refugees and migrants in Una-Sana Canton, Mostar, Sarajevo, and Tuzla.

DRC is active in two key areas:

  • Health care
    • Since the beginning of 2019, DRC have been responsible for the provision of primary health care and a limited amount of secondary health care in a number of the Reception Centres (but not all of the Reception Centres). In Una-Sana Canton these include the Bira TRC, the Miral TRC, the Sedra TRC, and the Borići TRC. In Sarajevo this includes the Ušivak TRC, and in Mostar the Salakovac RRC. Medical teams visit each of these locations regularly and provide check ups and referrals.
  • Protection: DRC have staff who work to prevent, reduce/mitigate and respond to risks and consequences of violence, coercion, deliberate deprivation and abuse of persons, groups and communities. More specifically, DRC staff are present in a number in a number of the Reception Centres but also conduct outreach to other areas where refugees and migrants are known to congregate. In these locations the staff work to identify vulnerable refugees and migrants in need of specific services and to either directly provide these services or to refer to service providers. Among others, DRC:
    • Speak to asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants and identify possible vulnerabilities and needs;
    • Refer victims of sexual and gender based violence to relevant services;
    • Refer persons at risk of sexual and gender based violence to a safe house;
    • Refer to psycho-social support providers;
    • Refer to the Red Cross for the restoration of family links;
    • Refer children (persons under 18) without parents or formal caregivers to the Centre for Social Work for guardianship provision;
    • Refer to Vaša Prava (UNHCR’s free legal aid partner) for free legal assistance and information;
    • Refer to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs for Expression of Intent to Seek Asylum;
    • Refer to IOM for voluntary return and reintegration.

For more details, contact the Danish Refugee Council (DRC):

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +387 33 875 061