The Border Police

The Border Police manage official border crossings, patrol the border and potential places of irregular crossings into the country, and escort refugees asking for asylum to the closest Service for Foreigners’ Affairs Office to register their intent to seek asylum and obtain an Attestation on Intention to Seek Asylum. A non-exhaustive list of Border Police Offices can be found below:

Border Police Head Office

Tel.: Operations Center: +387 33 755 300; Spokesperson of BP BiH: +387 33 755 112; Central Investigation Office: +387 33 755 261; Administration Department: +387 33 755 191
Email: [email protected]
Address: Reufa Muhića 2a, Sarajevo


Field Office North-East

Bijeljina (Border Police Unit Bijeljina, Border Police Unit Brčko, Border Police Unit Brod, Border Police Unit Orašje)

Tel: +387 55 224 650
Address: Knez Ivo od Semberije bb
Email: [email protected]


Field Office East

Višegrad (Border Police Unit Zvornik, Border Police Unit Višegrad, Border Police Unit Hum)

Tel: +387 58 633 015
Address: Gavrila Principa bb
Email: [email protected]


Field Office South

Čapljina (Border Police Unit Trebinje, Border Police Unit Neum, Border Police Unit Doljani)

Tel: +387 36 811 014
Address: Zgoni bb
Email: [email protected]

Map (for Unit Trebinje)

Field Office West

Bosansko Grahovo (Border Police Unit Gorica, Border Police Unit Kamensko, Border Police Unit Strmica, Border Police Unit Izačić)  

Tel: +387 34 851 015
Address: Vojislava Ivetica bb
Email: [email protected]


Field Office North-West

Gradiška (Border Police Unit Velika Kladuša, Border Police Unit Dobrljin)

Tel: +387 51 825 664
Address: Avde Cuka bb
Email: [email protected]