Report misconduct

Fraud and corruption committed by UNHCR staff, or staff of UNHCR’s partners

What is fraud? Fraud is any act where someone tricks and misleads another person to obtain an undeserved personal benefit, such as money

What is corruption? It is offering, giving, receiving or soliciting (directly or indirectly) anything of value to influence the actions of another party improperly.

What is sexual exploitation? It is any actual or attempted abuse of any position of vulnerability, for sexual purposes. Sexual exploitation and abuse is unacceptable behaviour and prohibited for all United Nations and NGO partners’ staff members.

How do I complain about fraud or corruption committed by UNHCR or its partners’ staff?

If you have information about UNHCR staff, or staff of UNHCR partners or contractors, being involved in corruption, exploitation (including sexual exploitation), fraud, or sexual abuse report it immediately and directly to UNHCR’s Inspector-General’s Office (IGO) at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

All communication with the IGO is kept confidential.

Report misconduct (French) Signalez un mauvais comportement