Afghanistan: Relevant Information

Information on the situation in Afghanistan and the departure of Afghan nationals:

Evacuation programs and selection criteria for the departure of Afghan nationals from Afghanistan are managed directly by the authorities of the countries concerned. Granting visas and authorizing entry into their respective territories corresponds exclusively to the States.

In this sense, UNHCR does not participate in the departure of Afghan nationals from their country, although our teams continue to work in Afghanistan providing humanitarian aid and assistance to millions of internally displaced persons and we will maintain our presence as long as we have access to the population and security conditions. allow us.

UNHCR, both in Spain and internationally, is in contact with the authorities in order to collaborate with them in those aspects that are under our mandate and to follow up on the situation.

In this sense, in Spain we have contacted the different competent ministries in order to establish communication channels that allow Afghans who have a relationship with Spain to access relevant information.

At the same time, we inform you that UNHCR offices in countries bordering Afghanistan have opened information portals (helplines) to help Afghan nationals in Afghanistan and neighboring countries:

If you wish to apply for asylum in Spain:

You will find information on how to access the asylum procedure by clicking here.

If you are an Afghan national, refugee or asylum seeker in Spain:

In the event that you are a refugee Afghan national or asylum seeker in Spain, and you have relatives whom you want or are trying to regroup, please send us the information that Have your family members available and the procedures initiated, as well as your contact details and those of your lawyers in Spain, if you have one.

If you want to support Afghan refugees in Spain:

Thank you for your solidarity and interest in supporting Afghan refugees in Spain. At the moment we understand that assistance is being organized for people arriving from Afghanistan from the competent Ministries, but we can take note of their data and get in touch with future initiatives related to the reception and integration of refugees. We would appreciate it if you write us an email to [email protected] with your full name and your city and province of residence. For the moment, if you want to support the emergency in Afghanistan, you can do so via the UNHCR’s Spanish Committee or by amplifying and giving visibility to the emergency. You can find our latest press releases and more information on our Twitter profile.

Finally, we want to inform you that UNHCR has made an international appeal to all States to ask that they keep their borders open and allow the entry of people from Afghanistan in need of international protection. We also want to share with you the request made by UNHCR to all States, to ensure the access of Afghan nationals to asylum procedures and its warning against forced returns to Afghanistan.