Services for children

The below organizations offer services to children seeking asylum in the Netherlands:


Nidos is responsible for providing guardianship to unaccompanied and separated children who arrive in the Netherlands without their parents/caretakers.  Nidos guardians meet the children when they arrive at the central asylum application centre to inform them of the processes and to organise their placement into a reception accommodation. Nidos finds foster families for all unaccompanied children, who arrive in the Netherlands under the age of 15.

Please find more information about Nidos on their website. Nidos can be reached at [email protected] or 0885011200.

Defence for Children

Defence for Children provides information and legal advice to children, young people, parents, teachers, lawyers, social workers and other stakeholders. They can contact institutions, social workers, lawyers and other experts, on your behalf,  with your consent. They have a specialized children’s rights help desk which can provide you with legal advice and support.

You can call their helpdesk at 071 516 09 80 or send them your request through their website.  

De Kindertelefoon – Tell-me

De Kindertelefoon (Child Helpline International) ‘Tell-me’ telephone helpline was specifically created for children living in reception centers (AZC) in the Netherlands.

If you are between the ages of 8 and 18, you can talk about your concerns, about your home, safety, money, family, healthcare and education anonymously on 0800-0432 or you can chat online. On this website you can find information about children’s rights.


The SAMAH helpdesk was created to assist unaccompanied and separated children applying for asylum in the Netherlands (children who arrived in the Netherlands without their parents or caretakers), as well as to provide advice to professionals and volunteers working these children.

You can call SAMAH, or send them a WhatsApp message on 06 360 594 21, send them an email at [email protected], or find more information on their website.  

The Ombudsman for Children (Kinderombudsman)

The Ombudsman for Children monitors whether children’s rights are adhered to in the Netherlands by the central and local government and by private organizations in education, childcare, child welfare and health care. The Ombudsman for Children provides advice to the government and Parliament regarding laws and policies that have an effect on children’s rights.

If you wish to report a case in which children’s rights were violated, the office can be reached at 0800 8765432 or at [email protected]. You can also find more information about the Ombudsman for Children on their website.