Health care

The below organizations offer health-care services to asylum seekers in the Netherlands:

GezondheidsZorg Asielzoekers (GZA)

GZA (Asylum-Seeker Healthcare) provides general practitioner’s care for asylum-seekers.  The role of the general practitioner (‘huisarts’) in the Dutch health system is central to all health care.

At nearly every reception center (AZC), GZA has a healthcare centre where you can go for medical care during consultation hours or make an appointment with a healthcare professional, such as a doctor’s assistant, nurse, POH-GGZ (Mental Healthcare Nurse Practitioner) or general practitioner. If you have a medical question, you can visit GZA in your reception center (AZC) or call the Praktijklijn (GZA Hotline) via 088 – 112 2 112. You can reach the Praktijklijn 24 hours a day for medical emergencies. If you want to make an appointment, you can call the Praktijklijn between 8:30 and 17:00h (Monday to Friday) . If you wish to see a dentist, you can call 088 – 112 2 132.

You can find more information about GZA on their website in Dutch,English and Arabic.

Gezond in Nederland

On the website Gezond in Nederland (‘Healthy in the Netherlands’) you can find information about health care in the Netherlands in Dutch, Tigrinya and Arabic.

Empatia – mentale gezondheidszorg voor ontheemde Oekraïners

Empatia verenigt Nederlandse en Oekraïense experts op het gebied van mentale gezondheid. Het platform helpt met toegang tot psychologische hulp voor Oekraïners die op de vlucht zijn door de oorlog. Op de Empatia-website staat een kaart van psychologen in Nederland, waaronder Oekraïense psychologen en psychotherapeuten.

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