Non-Food Items (NFIs) & Shelter

As a leading agency of Non-Food Items (NFIs) assistance, the distribution of NFIs is one of the most crucial activities for UNHCR Libya operation. Through our partners, International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the Libyan Humanitarian Relief Agency (LibAid), we reach out to the most vulnerable of its people of concern including internally displaced people, refugees and asylum-seekers in urban and in detention centres as well as those who are rescued at sea as part of our life-saving activities.

How can I request core relief items (Non-food items)?

You can call UNHCR protection line 📞 0917127644 or CESVI hotlines 📞 0910027717 and 0922767166 and explain your request.

If you are eligible and the items are available, you will be contacted by UNHCR partner IRC to be informed about how you can receive the items.

Can UNHCR help me find a home?

While UNHCR does not provide shelter, we provide material support to the most vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers.

If you are in need of support, please call and explain your situation to one of the call centres below:

  • UNHCR protection line 📞 0917127644
  • CESVI hotlines 📞 0910027717 and 0922767166
  • Tawasul– Common Feedback Mechanism 📞 1404 

If you are eligible for support, you will be contacted for additional assessment or assistance.

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