UNHCR and partners in Libya provide a range of services to eligible refugees and asylum-seekers including material support such as cash assistance and non-food items (NFIs) and counselling, psychosocial and community support. In order to determine your needs and eligibility for the different services available, you should first be interviewed by UNHCR or partners for a protection needs assessment.

The protection needs assessment will cover your situation in Libya and determine your eligibility for the available services and assistance. The interview does not guarantee that you will receive assistance and services in case you do not meet the eligibility criteria or the specific support you need is not offered by UNHCR and/or partners.

I would like to have a protection interview with UNHCR. How can I request it?

Protection needs assessments conducted by UNHCR and CESVI are linked to providing protection assistance and support to the most vulnerable individuals in urban areas. Due to the nature of the interview, protection needs assessments are only conducted when there are specific protection risks and concerns. If you have not had one previously, you can call UNHCR, CESVI or the Tawasul hotline to report on your protection issues and check if you can be considered. If you have had one previously, and there is no major change in your circumstances, you will not be re-interviewed.

Protection interviews are not a pathway to durable solutions.

UNHCR Protection hotline: 📞 0917127644

Tawasul– Common Feedback Mechanism line: 📞 1404

CESVI hotlines (Sunday to Thursday, 09.00 to 17.00):

  1. 📞 092 2767166
  2. 📞 091 0027716

I am a survivor of sexual violence. How can I get services?

If you are a survivor of sexual violence, access to urgent health care is a priority and you should immediately be granted access to available medical care within 72 hours of the incident to protect your health.

Please call 📞 0910354839 (24/7) and the IRC (International Rescue Committee) emergency medical team will help you.

There are designated organizations supporting survivors of gender-based violence including those who have experience sexual assault or harassment. With the support of a trained caseworker from the specialized organization, you can be supported to access essential services, if you wish to, these can include mental health and psychosocial services, accommodation with a community caregiver, legal information and advice, cash assistance, and non-food items. In working with survivors of gender-based violence, any organization you come in contact with should prioritize your safety and security, ensure confidentiality in the information you share, ensure equal and fair treatment regardless of your background and respect your opinion and choices on what services you wish to have access to.

For support you can call:

CESVI hotlines (Sunday to Thursday, 09.00 to 17.00):

  1. 📞 092 2767166
  2. 📞 091 0027716

UNHCR Protection hotline: 📞 0917127644

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