Cash Assistance

Cash assistance is an important modality for UNHCR Libya operations enabling vulnerable people UNHCR serves to cover their basic needs, help improve household living conditions and contribute to their economic and social well-being.

In partnership with CESVI and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), UNHCR provides multi-purpose cash assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers across Libya that contributes to meet their basic needs – including access to food, water, hygiene items, healthcare, and rent.

CESVI and NRC provide refugees and asylum-seekers with cash assistance, which are provided as part of the overall response to individual needs. Eligibility for cash assistance is determined by a specialized unit which takes into consideration multiple factors including vulnerability.

I need cash assistance. How can I request that?

Cash assistance is only provided to refugees and asylum-seekers following vulnerability assessments carried out by UNHCR or our partner CESVI. The assessments conducted by UNHCR and CESVI are linked to providing assistance and support to the most vulnerable individuals in urban areas. Due to the nature of the interview, protection needs assessments are only conducted when there are specific protection risks and concerns.

If you have not had one previously, you can call UNHCR, CESVI or the Tawasul hotlines. If you have had one previously, and there is no major change in your circumstances, you will not be re-interviewed.

I received cash assistance for two months and did not receive after that. How can I request it again?

You may have been approved for emergency cash assistance, which is provided based on specific vulnerability criteria. Emergency cash assistance is a two-time payment only.

In case you have previously received cash assistance and there has been a significant change in your situation, you can contact the hotlines of UNHCR’s partner CESVI for additional support at 📞 0910027717 or 📞 0910027716 (Sunday to Thursday, 09.00 to 17.00).

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