UNHCR expresses its concerns regarding the circulation of misinformation on social media and other channels about UNHCR’s Resettlement Programme.


DO NOT believe rumours regarding UNHCR’s registration for resettlement. UNHCR does not conduct registration or accept applications for resettlement. 

DO NOT believe unverified content you read on social media about resettlement or movement to other countries. See official UNHCR Iran platforms – Website, Help Page, Instagram and Twitter – for reliable information. 

DO NOT pay money to anyone in exchange for humanitarian assistance, including resettlement. All the services provided by UNHCR to refugees are free of charge. To know how to report fraud, please visit UNHCR Help Page (Fraud and Corruption)

To address your request, concern, or problem, only call UNHCR hotline numbers.

For reliable information, please visit below websites:

1.UNHCR Iran website:                       www.unhcr.org/ir

2.UNHCR Iran Help Page website:      https://help.unhcr.org/iran

3.UNHCR Iran Instagram account:      www.instagram.com/unhcriran

4.UNHCR Iran Tweeter account:          https://twitter.com/UNHCRIran