Announcement on “Headcount Exercise” for undocumented Afghan nationals

For the attention of all Undocumented Afghan National in Iran

Please note that all Undocumented Afghans in Iran are strongly recommended to participate in the “Headcount exercise” by getting an appointment from this link:

The registration for the headcount is being carried out for three categories of eligible groups:

1. Re-headcount: holders of the 2017 headcount slips,

These groups shall approach Kefalat centers after obtaining an appointment to get their re-headcount slips.

2. Undocumented Afghan nationals who have already obtained their “Vaccination Introduction Letters” from Kefalat Centers and did not participate in the 2017 headcount,

This group shall obtain an appointment through the provided web portal, to complete their headcount process (or as indicated on the website: complementary vaccination registration). According to Kefalat centers, they will be provided with a headcount slip valid until 22 Oct 2022 after completing their complementary headcount registration.

3. Undocumented foreign nationals who did not participate in any of the headcount/vaccination schemes,

This group shall apply for an appointment through the designated website, to obtain “Vaccination Introduction Letters” for the headcount and on the day of the appointment, the head of household is required to approach the designated Kefalat center with all household members along with their identity documentation such as (Tazkira, Passport, Marriage certificate, Lease, etc.) You may obtain more information on the official BAFIA website and on UNHCR Iran Help page