Following your registration with UNHCR, UNHCR will provide you with a document (card or certificate) with your basic information and UNHCR case number.  This document proves that you are registered with UNHCR and are an individual under the protection of UNHCR. The document has a specific validity, and you must renew it before the expiration date.  

How do I renew my UNHCR Document (card/certificate)? 

If your UNHCR identity document has expired or if it is with 1 month of expiration, please submit the online form to review your UNHCR identity document via Kobo Online Inquiry Form 

Choose “Yes” for the question “Have you been registered by UNHCR?”.  

Fill in your UNHCR case number as it appears on your UNHCR document. Fill in your active contact details and choose “Document Renewal (UNHCR Card, Certificate Status Confirmation Letter (SCL)” as the topic of your concern, then submit.

Please make sure to submit your request for document renewal before it expires and wait for UNHCR’s contact. You may be invited to UNHCR Reception Center in Jakarta to receive the renewed document or it may be mailed to you if you are residing outside the greater Jakarta area. Whether you receive directly from UNHCR or at the local post office, please bring your expired UNHCR document as this must be exchanged in order to receive your new card/certificate.  

What should I do if I have lost my UNHCR Document (card/certificate)? 

If you lost your UNHCR document, whether expired or active, please visit the closest Indonesian Police station and obtain a “Loss Report” to enable UNHCR to reissue your identity document.  

After you have acquired the “Loss Report”, please submit the online form for document renewal via Kobo Online Inquiry Form. 

I am living far from Jakarta and cannot come to the UNHCR Reception Center in Jakarta to collect my UNHCR document. 

UNHCR has a partnership with the Indonesian Post Office to ensure refugees and asylum seekers residing outside greater Jakarta are able to obtain necessary documentation. If your biometric information has been fully recorded by UNHCR, your new or replacement UNHCR document can be mailed by UNHCR Jakarta to the Post Office nearest your place of residence. In such case, you will receive a call from our partner organization on when and where to pick up your UNHCR document. Please bring your old/expired identity document with you to the Post Office as you will be required to exchange that with your new document. 

Regardless of the place where you are residing, please submit the online form to renew your UNHCR ID document before it expires via Kobo Online Inquiry Form. UNHCR will not automatically extend your expired ID document unless you submit a request and provide updated contact information with UNHCR.  

Refugees and asylum seekers holding expired UNHCR documentation may experience difficulties if approached by Indonesian authorities.