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All services provided by UNHCR and partners are free of charge.

If you are seeking asylum in Indonesia, you must first register with UNHCR.  Registration is the process by which UNHCR records, verifies, and updates basic information about you and your family members. You can refer to this Registration page for further information.

Jakarta and Surrounding Areas

UNHCR has a reception center in Jakarta to which refugees and asylum-seekers may be invited for registration, refugee status determination, and solutions interviews and for counseling to discuss protection concerns.

The UNHCR reception center is located at: Jl. Setiabudi Selatan –  UNHCR Reception Center – Jakarta

If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact UNHCR and our partners through the following hotlines:

Legal Protection (UNHCR): 📞0811 9840 643

Health (CWS): 📞0811 8161 511

Gender Based Violence and Child Protection (CRS): 📞0811 9670 250

Financial Assistance (CRS): 📞0811 1499 871

Field Locations

UNHCR has a field presence in Aceh, Medan, Tanjung Pinang, Pekanbaru and Makassar.

Please note that UNHCR does not have reception facilities available in field locations and therefore is unable to meet with refugees and asylum-seekers in its offices.  UNHCR staff in the field remain available for urgent and emergency concerns through the various hotlines that have been established.


    Hotline: 📞0811 1936 9063 (only for emergency)


    Email  : [email protected]

    Hotline: 📞0811 8544 231 (only for emergency)


    Email  : [email protected]

    Hotline: 📞0811 8544 232 (only for emergency)

Tanjung Pinang and Batam 

    Email  : [email protected]

    Hotline: 📞0811 8544 233 (only for emergency)

Makassar, East Java, Bali and Kupang 

    Email  : [email protected]

    Hotline: 📞0811 9629 257 (only for emergency)

Online Inquiry Form

If you are having a protection concern, please submit a KOBO form, accessible through this link – KOBO Online Inquiry Form – or by scanning the bar code.

Please note that you should not request protection counseling if you are experiencing an emergency or need an immediate response. In these situations, please use the hotlines for a more rapid response.   

UNHCR will only respond to actionable queries, queries we have not previously addressed, and queries that are not addressed on the UNHCR HELP website.

UNHCR will not respond to queries around your RSD status, resettlement status, or resettlement opportunities. If there are any updates to share with you in relation to your status, UNHCR will contact you directly. You can find relevant information on resettlement page.